Starting a New Dry-Cleaning Business

For those looking to start a new business, there is a surprisingly profitable market available in the dry-cleaning industry. With comparatively low startup costs, an entrepreneur can quickly break even and begin making profits. This doesn’t mean a business plan should be rushed or ill-researched, however. Anyone looking to start a business from scratch would benefit from experience working in the field and learning how the systems and markets work for their target area.

Starting a New Dry-Cleaning Business

Doing the Research

As with any new business, meticulous research must happen first. Between local ordinances, location details, and market research, there are a number of things that need to be decided before a person should move forward. Checking into whether a storefront should be rented or purchased and what dry cleaning conveyor system will best suit the operation’s needs are tricky but crucial details to consider.

Writing a Business Plan

A business plan should have everything observed from the research thoughtfully laid out and organized into a working on-paper model of the business. Every detail, from how management will be structured to what systems and technologies will be utilized, should be present and strategized. A great business plan will allow potential investors or loan officers to see the value of the venture.

Opening the Business

Once funding is secured, an owner would need to begin the process of securing a property, equipment, and any permits needed to get things up and running. Having a marketing strategy set to launch while the business comes together will help ensure early success for this new enterprise. Have newly hired staff come in before the business opens to ensure that they are fully trained in both job expectations, equipment procedures, and all safety measures.

Opening a new dry-cleaning business can offer good income and opportunities for expansion. If the business is thoughtfully planned and executed, it can be a great benefit to the community it serves as well as profitable for the owner.

Starting a New Dry-Cleaning Business
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