Staying Safe While Working at a Clinic

Doctors, nurses, and support staff who work at medical clinics perform a vital role in keeping people safe and healthy. Whether working at a private practice or specialist’s office, it’s important that workers stay safe and healthy as well. This is especially true if you see patients who are ill. Here are some simple, but important ways to stay protected.


From dental offices to family practices, many clinics use x-ray equipment to help identify and diagnose various conditions. Because x-rays are a form of radiation, it’s necessary to fit patients with lead shields. If you must stay near the patient (as is common in veterinary clinics), you should wear one as well, in addition to an apron, face shield, and gloves.


Protective face masks are a two-way street. They provide some level of protection from airborne viruses and diseases that a patient may carry. They also mitigate the possibility of you passing a condition along to a patient through your breath. N95 masks used in surgical settings are the most effective, but disposable masks are surprisingly effective in this regard as well. In fact, for people with a cold or the flu who need to be out in public, simple cloth masks work very well to lessen the spread of airborne disease.


Along the same lines as masks, gloves help prevent cross-contamination. They do provide some protection from germs that live on surfaces, but the main purpose of gloves in a clinical setting is to allow fingers (which collect lots of germs) to be sterile when touching a patient’s skin, especially if treating wounds.

Frontline health workers need to stay healthy to do their critical work of caring for others. Using this equipment, practicing proper hygiene, and staying home when ill will help prevent the unnecessary spread of disease and let them do what they do best: help people!

Staying Safe While Working at a Clinic
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