Survey Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a home is a big decision. It’s crucial to understand why it’s essential and have an accurate and current land survey in-hand.

What Are Land Surveys?

The land survey is a legal document showing the specific property boundary lines that show where a house or other structure is located. Investing in a land survey is necessary for several reasons.

Determine the Boundaries of the Property

The boundary lines are created to make sure the land is defined clearly for each property owner. Knowing where these boundary lines are is essential to constructing a new fence, adding a pool, or extending a room in your home.

Resolve Potential Neighbor Disputes

Finding a land surveyor who has participated in California industry-related survey programs offers several benefits. This includes providing legal evidence of if a driveway, deck, shed, or fence has encroached on your property.

Sometimes, neighbors are operating on misjudgments related to property lines, which cause legal disputes. This often results in unnecessary costs. Investing in a boundary survey service helps to prevent these issues.

Determine Regulations on Your Existing Property

New regulations and guidelines arise in neighborhoods all the time. This may prevent you from being able to build on your property.

For example, the county or city where you live may revise your property to be considered inside the floodplain area. This may prohibit your ability to extend the home or room. Some building permits are issued by local authorities and require the help of a land surveyor.

Do You Need a Land Survey Conducted?

If you are dealing with any of the above issues, a land surveyor can help. Be sure to find someone with prior experience handling the problems or situations you are dealing with. This ensures you will achieve the needed results from the survey taken. 

Survey Tips for First-Time Home Buyers
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