The 4 Most Common Painting Mistakes People Make

A fresh coat of paint can quickly change the appearance of a room. It is relatively inexpensive and most people feel comfortable wielding a brush or roller. While painting itself is a fairly straightforward process, there are several common mistakes that people make that can negatively impact the results of your efforts. Knowing what they are will help you avoid making them yourself. 

1. Failure to Prepare the Walls

They don’t always get a lot of attention, but your walls are covered in a thin layer of dirt, grime and oils. You will have better results when painting clean walls, so take time to scrub them. Areas that see a lot of grease will also benefit from a degreaser.

Preparation goes beyond cleaning. You’ll want to patch any small holes left from hanging art, shelves or photos over the years so the walls are smooth and free from damage. A good, solid surface will always look nicer when finished than one with imperfections. Take time to repair drywall before you paint. If you aren’t confident in your skills here, enlist a contractor for professional results. 

2. Not Protecting Adjoining Surfaces

Painters tape and drop cloths are essential tools for any painting project. Tape off trim like moldings, heat registers and ceilings or walls that are different colors before you get started. When you are finished, carefully remove the tape to reveal a clean, sharp edge. Cover floors and furniture with tarps and drop cloths to protect them from drips and splatters. 

3. Skipping the Primer

Primer serves two main purposes in a painting project. It is useful in covering the previous paint color. This is especially important if you are making a drastic change or painting over bold or dark hues. It also helps the new layer of paint adhere to the old one. Painting over glossy finishes requires a primer to create a good bond and avoid peeling later on. 

4. Using the Wrong Applicator

Your brush or roller is not the place to save on costs. Cheap applicators are fine for crafts and small projects, but they often shed bristles into paint or leave obvious marks. There are a lot of things that go into choosing the right brush for your project, so take the time to weigh the options and make a solid choice. A high-quality brush will last you for several painting projects, so consider it an investment. 

It is easy to spend hours picking out the right shade to paint your walls. It is just as easy to skip over the prep work. Unfortunately, many of the most common mistakes people make when painting their homes happen before they even open a paint can. When you take the time to prepare your walls, however, you will end up with more professional and longer-lasting results. 

The 4 Most Common Painting Mistakes People Make
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