The 5 Pros of Trenchless Technology

Damaged sewer lines and drains cause a headache to homeowners or property managers, and if the problem gets ignored, the entire system may need to be replaced. This could mean massive disruption of the property as hundred of feet of trenching may need to be uncovered. Don’t panic just yet. Trenchless technology has changed to the face of sewer repair.

No-Dig Repairs

The trenchless sewer pipelines Seattle WA plumbers can offer local residents is a no-dig solution to terrible situations. The services extend from replacing or repairing faulty sewer lines to installing new drains and clearing clogs. Apart from saving your landscape, there are several other pros to choosing trenchless services.

  1. Higher Quality. Expert plumbers have access to superior materials and state of the art equipment for your repair. You gain a durable piping system that will not rust, corrode, crack, or be penetrated by tree roots.
  2. Cost Efficiency. The labor and material costs associated with trenchless operations are about 75% less expensive than traditional pipe replacements. It is the best overall value.
  3. Time Efficiency. Rather than having plumbers and workers on your property for days digging up the earth, trenchless sewers can be installed in just a few hours. This alleviates you from a sustained inconvenience.
  4. Material Improvements. Traditional sewer pipes rely on cast iron, concrete, clay, or orangeburg material components. The new trenchless technology can work on all kinds of pipes and materials, offering two unique replacement or repair options of pipe bursting or pipe lining.
  5. Durability. When you choose a trenchless service, you can have peace of mind on the durability of repair. This non-invasive method installs pipes with an epoxy resin that lasts up to 50 years.

Going with a trenchless repair for your sewer or piping problem is a wise investment that can bring your numerous benefits. Contact a local plumbing company for more information.

The 5 Pros of Trenchless Technology
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