The Devil Wears Prada Book by Lauren Weisberger

The Devil Wears Prada Book by Lauren Weisberger

When the movie for this sequel eventually comes out (and you know it will), Ms. Streep better reprise her role. Just sayin’.

The Devil Wears Prada Book by Lauren Weisberger

The Setup
Ten years after The Devil Wears Prada, Andrea Sachs and Emily Charlton are now best friends who run high-end bridal magazine The Plunge. They reunited months after Andy quit – shortly after which Emily was fired – and bonded over their hatred of Miranda Priestly. Emily is married to Miles Everett, who happens to be the best friend of Andy’s new husband, Max Harrison. But he wasn’t really intended to be a romantic prospect: Emily set up a meeting between them so Andy could convince Max to invest in The Plunge through the media company he inherited from his late father.

The Twist
While still editor-in-chief at Runway, Miranda is now also the editorial director of its publisher, Elias-Clark. She contacts the girls because she wants to acquire The Plunge. While Andy is reluctant to sell, Emily is raring to do so. However, during their first meeting with Miranda in ten years, La Priestly fails to remember their employment with her. Andy and Emily spend the next several months butting heads over the decision; even Max encourages Andy to accept Miranda’s proposal. But after Andy and Emily meet with Miranda for the second time, where it’s obvious that Miranda wants total control of The Plunge, Andy decides that she doesn’t want to work for Miranda again, disappointing Emily.

The Spoiler
Max, Miles and Emily go behind Andy’s back and sell The Plunge to Miranda, anyway; Max was able to do so without Andy’s consent because he owns eighteen percent of the magazine. Andy resigns, divorces Max, ends her friendship with Emily, and gets a job as contributing editor for New York magazine while working on her first novel.

Additional Spoilers:
After leaving Runway, Andy’s life fell apart. Her longtime boyfriend, Alex, abruptly moved to Mississippi for a teaching job and lost touch with her. Her parents divorced. Her best friend, Lily, moved to Colorado, where she has three kids with her live-in boyfriend.

The morning of her wedding, Andy finds a letter from Max’s disapproving mother, Barbara, begging him not to marry her. The letter also mentions that Max ran into his ex-girlfriend, Katherine, during a trip to Bermuda, about which Max fails to tell Andy. This causes their marriage to have a rocky start, though Max assures Andy that he loves her despite Barbara’s opinion, and that nothing happened between him and Katherine.

Shortly after marrying Max, Andy discovers she’s pregnant. She gives birth to a girl, Clementine Rose. She joins a new mom support group, where she meets Sophie, a young woman who brings her niece to each meeting. Sophie reveals to the group that she is cheating on her live-in boyfriend, Xander.

Andy discovers that Alex has moved back to New York when she runs into him one day. They have lunch together where he reveals that he has a longtime girlfriend. The next time Andy sees Alex is at a brunch for her support group, who is there to accompany said girlfriend, Sophie. Sophie is shocked that her “Xander” and Andy have a past, but Andy decides to hold her tongue. Then, a year after Andy leaves Max, Alex seeks her out. He reveals that he and Sophie split up: after the brunch, Sophie worried that Andy had told him about her affair, so she confessed. Andy and Alex reunite.

Emily is fired ten weeks after Miranda acquires The Plunge, when La Priestly overhauls the editorial staff. Emily moves to L.A. with Miles and becomes a stylist to the stars. Ever since their falling out, she consistently contacts Andy but is ignored, though Andy eventually responds to Emily’s most recent communiqué.

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The Devil Wears Prada Book by Lauren Weisberger
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