The important of insurance

Today it’s more important than ever for both individuals and businesses to have adequate insurance coverage. The fact is that unexpected events happen every day, and without enough protection from an insurance policy, the results can be catastrophic.

The important of insurance

Church Insurance Florida

Businesses of all kinds need insurance coverage in order to have protection from lawsuits over numerous issues. What many people don’t realize, however, is that churches should also have insurance to cover possible liability as working business entities. In Florida, churches do have good options for finding coverage, as there are some insurance brokerage companies that specialize in this kind of insurance.

Churches are working businesses that welcome in people from all walks of life. Churches also operate on many days of the week, beyond Sunday. When a place of business has people in for meetings, rehearsals, child care and other activities, there is always the risk of events taking place that expose the business to lawsuits.

Coverage For Sexual Abuse

Churches, by definition, are places that welcome children, and often provide childcare and educational instruction. Unfortunately, given that adults are caring for young people, there is also the exposure to lawsuits for sex abuse. It’s important for churches to realize they must protect themselves in the event an unwarranted accusation is leveled at a church worker who deals with children. In addition to having sexual abuse coverage, churches should also follow strict codes as far as caring for children, in order to prevent the possibility of charges ever being leveled at a worker. This would include always having more than one person caring for a child at any time (so no one is ever alone with a child) and doing thorough background checks on people who apply to work with children.

Other areas of church coverage include protection for fraud or theft from those who work with church funds, and protection for accidents that might take place on church property.

People come to church to worship and celebration the gift of God’s love together. By having adequate coverage in place, churches can be free to do what they need to do to honor the spirit, without being distracted by other unnecessary worries.

The important of insurance
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