Tips for Improving Employee Productivity

There’s a plethora of time management books and websites giving advice on how workers can increase their productivity. Some approaches are comprehensive systems with cult-like followings, while others are simple lists of hacks that anyone can use without professing allegiance to an ideology. Example hacks include refraining from multi-tasking and using the “two-minute rule”. There is value in all these practices, but let’s face it: Even the most ardent employee will be less productive if you don’t provide a work environment that’s conducive to productivity. Below are some tips that managers can apply to improve employee productivity.

Tips for Improving Employee Productivity

Provide Free Coffee

Keep your office kitchen well stocked with coffee and tea as well as sugar, artificial sweeteners, creamers and other supplies. If your office has only a few employees, then you might be able to manage the stock yourself. For anything more than a few employees you’ll do well to hire an office coffee service los angeles to ensure the stock is always fresh.


Reduce Meeting Time

Regular meetings are an inevitable part of most offices. However, too many meetings can zap employee energy and morale. Find ways to reduce the number and/or the length of meetings. For example, consider holding standing meetings and ask attendees to come prepared with brief discussion points.


Encourage Regular Breaks

It’s okay to expect employees to work hard and handle the usual stress that comes with working in an office, but also encourage regular breaks. You don’t need to stand over employees’ shoulders and force them to take a break. Instead, provide well-designed areas for breaks, including the office kitchen. There should also be quiet areas for getting away from the office noise and private areas for a personal phone call.

These are just a few ideas for improving employee productivity. You’ll likely find that these tips also increase employee satisfaction.

Tips for Improving Employee Productivity
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