Tips for Installing a Fence

According to Robert Frost, good fences make good neighbors. In order to be a good neighbor while installing a fence on your property, you must show courtesy by observing property lines, complying with local ordinances, and giving consideration to everyone’s safety. For everyone’s benefit, you must also make sure that you install the fence correctly. Here are some guidelines to follow to make both the planning and installation process successful.

What Should You Do Before Installation?

Installing a fence correctly and compliantly requires careful planning beforehand. Choose an appropriate material based on the location. For example, if the site for the fence is near an electric transformer fencing Texas should be of a nonconductive material.

It is essential to avoid cutting any utility lines before putting up your fence. Damaging them could result in injury to you as well as negative consequences for the entire neighborhood. In most communities, you can call 811 before you start digging any postholes, and someone will come out and mark the location of all the underground cables and lines so that you can avoid them.

Even a relatively minor building project such as fence installation requires zoning and building permits to be sure it is in compliance. Obtain the necessary permissions before you start your project. Have a survey done or check local records to verify the boundaries of your property. If you exceed these, you may have to rebuild your fence, and you will almost certainly annoy your neighbors in the process.

What Tools Do You Need for the Project?

The tools you need to install a fence depend somewhat on the size and style of the fence, as well as the materials you use. You will almost certainly need to dig post holes, which requires either a gas-powered auger, which you can rent from many outlets, or a manual tool intended specifically for the purpose. You will also need to pound the posts into the ground, which requires a mallet or a sledgehammer. You also need a level to ensure your fence is not crooked, a tape measure to verify that it is uniform in size, and a wheelbarrow in which to mix cement and transport it where it is needed.

What Does the Installation Process Look Like?

If you already have fence posts in place, the installation can take less than a day. It is a relatively simple matter of removing the old fencing and attaching the new fencing to the existing posts, then securing the gate and finishing hardware. However, if you are also installing the posts, you have to dig the holes after first determining the location and then secure the post in the cement, which takes 24 hours to dry completely.

Tips for Installing a Fence
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