Tips for Keeping your Instruments in Prime Condition

A musician’s instrument always needs to be kept in prime condition. Potential customers see a well-kept instrument as the musician caring about his or her work. Keeping your instruments may help you obtain more clients and may keep their values high should financial assistance to expand be necessary in the future.

Tips for Keeping your Instruments in Prime Condition

Keep a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Musical instruments can build up dust and sludge over time. Instruments that are used frequently may require more frequent cleaning. Choose a day of the week, when your schedule is light, that you can devote time to thoroughly cleaning the piece.

The thorough cleanings will keep your instrument operating at its prime. It will also help you see any imperfections or issues that may require attention. Problems with your instrument should be resolved in a timely manner to prevent irreparable damage.

Practice Good Instrument Maintenance

It is a good idea to take your instrument to a specialist for maintenance from time-to-time. Some instruments, like those with multiple components, may require semi-annual maintenance to ensure that each part is functioning properly. Completing this maintenance may help prevent an inconvenient failure during a performance.

It is ideal to use a reputable instrument repair Boston company to complete the repairs in the local area. With this being an orchestral city, the importance of properly performing pieces is of the utmost importance. If the repair is an emergency, make sure the service is able to complete it before your scheduled performance.

Keep your Instrument Looking Shiny to Attract Audiences

Instruments often require a good shining or polishing before performances. If you’ve selected a piece that isn’t used often, or is for special occasions only, it may need a little extra attention. The shinier your piece is, the more business you may obtain from the upkeep of your equipment.

Closing Thoughts

For musicians, an instrument is a tool in the toolbox that has to be in proper working condition at all times. It is a little bit extra work, but gaining additional employment opportunities form having well-maintained equipment is worth it. If approached by a potential client, be sure to have the necessary media and contact supplies with you. Any event that you are part of or featured in is an opportunity to market your talent.

Tips for Keeping your Instruments in Prime Condition
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