Tips for Selecting the Proper Caster Wheels for Your Business

If your business relies on efficiently moving goods from one area to another, no doubt you are familiar with carts and dollies equipped with locking caster wheels. A fact you may be less aware of is that caster wheels come in a variety of materials, densities and weight capacities. Therefore, it is wise to select replacement wheels wisely, to ensure your equipment is being transported safely and smoothly.

Tips for Selecting the Proper Caster Wheels for Your Business

Size Matters

To accommodate diverse requirements, caster wheels are available in several different sizes. For businesses that frequently move heavy objects, you will look to the larger wheel sizes for your equipment. For more conventional use, the 5-inch caster wheel generally does the trick and is a good size to keep on hand. Regardless of use, if you have noticed your transportation devices are struggling with their loads, consider increasing the wheel size for a better ride.

Evaluate Flooring

No business has the same type of flooring or surface areas, and these conditions greatly impact how caster wheels perform. As you are considering your equipment needs, evaluate the surfaces that are commonly traveled upon and make a note of their texture, material and location. Whether it is carpet, tile, dirt, or concrete, there is a wheel that has been created to operate properly over each one.

Material Options

When selecting caster wheels for various surface areas, and functions, you are bound to notice the wheels are made from many materials. Substrates like polyurethane make an ideal choice for flooring that requires more care, like wood or tile. Forged steel caster wheels are designed to take a beating, making them suitable for rough and rugged surfaces. Non-marking, rubber-coated, cast iron or pneumatic, each material serves a purpose that ultimately serves your needs.

Harsh Conditions

Some businesses find themselves operating under severe environmental conditions, dealing with unusual levels of heat or cold. If this temperature factor applies to your company, you will need to select caster wheels that are fabricated to withstand such elements. Additionally, your equipment might roll through harsh chemicals or standing water, requiring a wheel made from material able to withstand corrosion. Choosing the right wheels in the beginning will save money later.

Caster wheels make our lives so much easier, but ensuring you have the best type for the job it needs to do allows you to maximize the benefits of smooth transportation. By applying caster wheels correctly, you get carts, dollies, and employees that can work at optimal performance.

Tips for Selecting the Proper Caster Wheels for Your Business
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