Types of Protective Packaging

Transporting goods and materials can be challenging when you need to protect them from breakage, weather, and other elements. If the items you want to transport don’t easily fit into standard shipping boxes, you may need to find a custom packaging solution. When it comes to custom packaging, there are several different types of materials available. Here are some of the protective packaging options that may work for your transportation requirements.

Types of Protective Packaging


Packaging foam is one option you may be able to acquire from a custom protective packaging new jersey supplier. Foam is flexible and can be cut to virtually any shape. This sort of packaging material may provide more insulation than traditional packing peanuts because it is often denser. Foam packaging may also provide thermal insulation and shock absorption. You can often find molded foam options, such as “egg crate” sheets with hills and valleys that can provide further cushioning to secure fragile items.


Wooden pallets are frequently used to transport items. You can find them in many freight applications, and the most common size is 40 inches by 48 inches. However, you can ask a packaging provider about other possible sizes. Pallets can help increase efficiency during loading and unloading. They are also fairly easy to recycle and reuse, so you may want to consider pallets when you need to ship through standard freight methods.


If you have to ship large, fragile items that require extra care, you may want to use a wooden crate. These heavy-duty containers are usually shaped like boxes but have a different structure and more reinforcement. With a crate, you can remove the container’s sheathing (such as plywood) without destroying the internal frame. Crates can provide excellent protection for items that are oddly shaped and/or extremely heavy. While most crates are made of lumber, there may be several types of wood available.

When you need to ship items securely, there are several types of packaging that can provide protection during transportation. Many custom packaging providers offer crates, pallets, and foam options.

Types of Protective Packaging
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