Walking Disaster by Jamie Mcguire

Walking Disaster by Jamie Mcguire

Quickie spoiler: Eleven years into the future, Travis is an undercover FBI agent and Abby is a math teacher; they have twins and a third child on the way.

Walking Disaster by Jamie Mcguire

The Setup
In the sequel to Beautiful Disaster, Travis Maddox gets a chance to tell his side of the story. The book opens with Travis recalling the death of his mother when he was a very young boy. On her deathbed, his mother told him not to settle when he fell in love, and to fight for what he wanted. As a college student, Travis is living a bastardized version of her advice: as a womanizing underground fighter. But then he meets Abby Abernathy, who inspires him to take his mother’s advice more seriously: while Abby initially finds Travis repulsive, his relentless pursuit for her heart lands the two into an intense romance.

The Twist
Travis discovers that Abby’s estranged father is the legendary poker player Mick Abernathy, who blames his daughter for breaking his lucky streak when she turned thirteen and became a better gambler than he. Shortly after, Mick appears to ask Abby to help him clear up a gambling debt, so she heads to Vegas, only to fall slightly  short of the money owed. To win the rest, Mick’s bookie, Benny, has Travis participate in a professional fight, which he wins. But when Travis accepts Benny’s offer to “work” for him permanently, Abby breaks up with him. After months of separation, during which Travis makes many attempts to win Abby back, the two reunite in a major way: by going back to Vegas to elope. (Even though Abby seems to imply that she’s pregnant at the end of Beautiful Disaster, she is not).

The Spoiler:
It’s the Maddoxes’ eleventh wedding anniversary. Travis is an undercover FBI agent who, after years of investigation, has just closed his case on Benny, culminating in the bookie’s death. Travis believes that Abby – math teacher and the mother of Travis’ twins and third unborn child – thinks he is an advertising executive, but she’s actually known his secret all along; that, and the fact that Mick was actually working for Benny. She even provides Travis with the evidence to prove this. The novel ends with Travis giving her an anniversary gift: a ring embedded with their children’s birthstones.

Walking Disaster by Jamie Mcguire
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