Ways to Build a Positive Company Culture

A positive company culture goes a long way toward helping an organization meet its goals. Any business or organization is more likely to succeed when their team is cohesive, motivated and built on respect. There are many ways to build a strong and successful company culture.

Get to Know Employees

Part of creating a positive culture is understanding and honoring the personality traits of the staff. Workplace-oriented personality assessments can help people build upon their strengths, and can help managers and supervisors match tasks to employees. Employee and government contractor DISC consulting is one way to identify and develop the unique strengths of each employee. Working with an outside consultant frees up your time and helps you interpret and apply the results in ways that are constructive and non-discriminatory.

Be Inclusive

A healthy workplace embraces diversity. Ensure that advancement opportunities are open to people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, gender identities and disability statuses, and unfailingly promote the value of respect. Be clear from the beginning that all employees are part of the work family, and bullying and harassment will not be tolerated. This keeps the workplace safe for all staff members.

Encourage Communication

A business runs more smoothly when all staff feel that their ideas will be heard and respected. This does not mean giving in to every demand. It means keeping open, transparent communication among and between all levels of staff. Allowing employees to voice their concerns and discuss their ideas encourages innovation and productive problem-solving. 

Promote Wellness

A positive workplace encourages employees to manage their stress, care for their physical health, and strike some balance between work and their personal lives. Companies can achieve this by offering flexible schedules whenever possible, and by sponsoring discounts and events that facilitate wellness.

Building a strong workplace culture is a deliberate and multifaceted effort. If done properly, it results in a happier and more productive team. 

Ways to Build a Positive Company Culture
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