What If My Medical Packaging Is Defective?

It’s frustrating to receive shipments of medical products back that have been deemed unsafe or unfit for sale due to packaging failures. The cause can be something that is not easy to detect. It’s times like this that the value of professional and expert medical product package testing is most obvious.

What If My Medical Packaging Is Defective

Why Medical Packaging Fails

Medical packaging can fail for many reasons. It can be due to faulty packaging processes, poor materials, ineffective seals, or failed design. Finding out that your packaging will not stand up to shipping, shelving, and storage can prove costly. Having tons of product sent back that can no longer be placed on the market is a waste of resources and lost revenue.

Place Current Packaging Through Rigorous Testing

You’ll need to have your current packaging fully tested to find the exact cause of failure. It might seem obvious, but there can be lurking problems that only professional testing can find. It’s the best way to find a starting point and determine how to move forward.

Get Sound Advice and Redesign

Ultimately, you’ll need to have an expert medical packaging consultant help you come up with a different design, or materials choice to create packaging that meets the rigors and requirements of the market. You can get the advice you need that will produce the results without any further delays in getting your products out there to the consumers.

Place New Packaging Through Testing

Any new package designs should be put through the same rigorous testing to ensure it’s the solution. All types of testing can be done to simulate transport, storage, temperature variances, or vibration. You can even have leak detection and artificial aging processes tested successfully.

The goal of medical package testing is to come up with answers when there are problems, monitor processes for problems, and develop solutions when there are troubles. Invest in professional packaging testing any time you suffer a setback due to packaging failures.

What If My Medical Packaging Is Defective?
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