What Type of Fire Safety System Does Your Business Need?

Every business needs a fire safety system to protect people as well as the building. Most also have systems that help to keep a fire from spreading and causing more damage. There are different types of equipment that can be beneficial in the event of a fire.

What Type of Fire Safety System Does Your Business Need


Although there are a variety of different types of sprinklers, the most common is a wet pipe system. This type works by releasing water when heat is sensed by the sprinkler heads. There is a chance the water could freeze in very cold temperatures, since it is stored in the pipes. If your building is not heated, a dry pipe system is an option. An example of a company that provides fire protection services california is Davis Fire Protection.

Another type is a pre-action system. It is similar in one way to the dry pipe system, because no water is stored in the pipes. However, when heat is detected a valve opens inside the pipes letting water into them before the sprinkler heads open. Some pre-action systems use pressurized air inside the pipes to prevent the system from accidentally being activated.


Of course, your business should have smoke alarms and heat detectors. Although most people think these are the same thing, they are not. A smoke alarm detects smoke and a heat detector is triggered by rapid heat rise. Smoke alarms are more frequently recommended than heat detectors. There are different types of smoke alarms including a photoelectric, an ionization, and a combination.

Every business should have fire extinguishers. How many and the distance apart they are located will depend on the type of business you have and different codes. Generally, they cannot be more than seventy-five feet apart and in some instances no more than thirty feet apart.

There are also several different types of fire extinguishers. They must meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Employees should know how to use them and where they are located.

What Type of Fire Safety System Does Your Business Need?
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