When To Hire a Professional for Home Painting Projects

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your living space is with a fresh coat of paint. There are a host of reasons to make painting an in-house affair, such as no labor costs, and mistakes are generally easy to fix. However, painting may not always be as DIY as you’d like it to be, and sometimes it’s worth calling in the professionals.

When To Hire a Professional for Home Painting Projects


Consider the Size of the Job


Are you planning on painting many rooms? It’s easy enough to move furniture out of the way in one room, and then prep and paint just four walls. But imagine how long it will take when you multiply that by four, six or eight rooms. In the time it will take you to just spackle and tape, professional painting contractors NYC could have half the project completed.


Think About Your Safety


If it’s an exterior job, you’ll likely need an extension ladder to reach the second floor — maybe even some scaffolding. Not only can this equipment be prohibitively expensive for the average homeowner, but it can also be dangerous to scale such heights. Let a trained professional do the acrobatic work. Also, consider whether or not the old paint is lead-based (found in homes built before 1978). If so, you’ll probably want a professional who knows how to minimize potential exposure and do a proper cleanup.


Look at the Details


Does your space have ornate period details or complicated trim? Perhaps it’s your kitchen and you’re facing days of painting shelves, tight corners and the interiors of dark cabinets. All of these features require not just more time but a deft control of the paintbrush. Good painting contractors NYC have the skill these projects require.


Place Value on Your Time


Even a one-room job runs the risk of time-wasting setbacks: the wrong shade of paint, not enough of it, big spills and splatters. These delays can potentially chip away at precious family and free time. A professional contractor can accurately estimate the time a project will take. Since they’re doing all the work, you’re free to continue spending your valuable time as you see fit.


When To Hire a Professional for Home Painting Projects
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