Which Cognitive Techniques Should I Use To Optimize My Life?

Although many people realize that the human mind plays an integral role in determining things like levels of health and happiness, not everyone takes the time to implement cognitive techniques that will keep their brain in excellent condition. Yet you definitely should. Note that people who set aside time to practice proven cognitive techniques typically report a wide range of wonderful benefits, some of which include mood stability, unprecedented levels of creativity, and more confidence when interacting with other people in professional or social settings. Below you will find just three of multiple cognitive techniques you can deploy to remain on track to optimized thinking, living, being and knowing:

Which Cognitive Techniques Should I Use To Optimize My Life

1. Keep A Gratitude Journal.

Millions of people all over the world swear by this cognitive strategy. As many cognitive psychologists know, maintaining an attitude of gratitude causes you to continually reflect upon ideas, people, images, things, and experiences that have somehow positively contributed to their quality of life. In addition to promoting desirable states of consciousness such as happiness, continually reflecting on the things that you’re grateful for improves your ability to constantly put yourself in environments where these things are available. With this reality in mind, consider the value of purchasing a notebook from the store and setting aside fifteen minutes in the morning and evening to journal about things that you are grateful for. During the first month, you may find that you only make a list of things you like or jot down a few sentences. Yet over time, you may begin writing more as you come to a deeper awareness of what really brings you joy and why. Being able to articulate these realities to yourself is immensely important because in addition to promoting a positive state of consciousness, it can engender more substantive dimensions of self-knowledge.

2. Have Something To Look Forward To.

In addition to keeping a gratitude journal, make sure that you always have something that you’re looking forward to. Moreover, be sure to record this thing in your journal or calendar so you’re constantly reminded of the fact that it is coming up in the near future. This strategy works because always having something to look forward to keeps you in a positive state of mind while causing you to want to remain in the world based on the fact that good things are on the way. This state of consciousness is ultimately antithetical to dread, which is a feeling of fear, anxiety, or loathing towards an unwanted experience that is looming ahead.

Note that there are many strategies you can deploy to reduce or eliminate dread from your life. One is ensuring that you aren’t procrastinating when it comes to things like finishing work-related projects. If you’re a business owner, know that constantly updating and optimizing your company’s equipment can preclude you from experiencing the dread and negative emotions that result from you and the staff not having everything they need to operate effectively. In the event that you’re in need of a new smoke pump tester, note that you can obtain this item from companies such as Hurco Technologies, Inc.

3. Meditate.

Although meditation is known to provide people with multiple cognitive benefits, many people haven’t tapped into the power of this mindfulness modality. Don’t miss out. Instead, set aside a few minutes each day to sit in silent stillness so you can empty your mind of clutter and then fill it back up with positive phrases or beautiful images that leave you feeling inspired, thankful, motivated, or joyful. Millions of people have found that the metta bhavana meditation, which is the loving-kindness meditation, is a particularly powerful modality. This form of meditation is rooted in the Buddhist tradition and involves reciting phrases and maintaining a state of consciousness that is conducive to self-love and love of other. Other people find that the breath-based meditation is effective given that it empowers the individual to take conscious control over their own breathing patterns so that their respiratory systems can be optimized.


If you’re ready to access and optimize the power of your mind so you can know yourself and do great things in the world, it’s important to know that the consistent implementation of proven cognitive techniques can help you realize the objective. Three cognitive techniques that you can utilize to make this happen are outlined above. Start using these mindfulness modalities soon so that you can take the quality of your life from average to exceptional!

Which Cognitive Techniques Should I Use To Optimize My Life?
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