Who You Call After a Disaster Matters

Relief After The Storm

As of late, there seems to have been more and more disasters. Hurricanes have continued to batter the eastern coastline, a volcano disrupted thousands of vacationers and homeowners, and wildfires have destroyed plenty of homes and even claimed lives. When disaster strikes, what cames immediately after is critical. People need help in order to limit the suffering felt in the entire community. While governmental resources may cover some of the basics, their aid is usually stretched too thin. Too many people fall through the cracks. That’s why you need disaster relief services from Granny’s Alliance.

Who You Call After a Disaster Matters

What They Do

After a disaster has passed, Granny’s Alliance rolls in with aid that people need. They provide everything from bedding to catering. In a time where mobile homes may be in short supply, a few extra beds can mean the world to those who lost everything in the disaster. Freshly cooked and hot meals can make even the bleakest of circumstances seem just a little bit better. Besides food and beds, Granny’s Alliance has also offered their expertise on power generators and power systems. Electricity is a must in order to give people proper sanitation and other humane treatment. Finally, they even provide and have provided laundry services. For lots of people, all they have left is the clothes on their back. Keeping those clothes clean is important to their value as a person and keeping them healthy.

Clean Methods

Perhaps what really makes Granny’s Alliance stand apart from other disaster relief services is that they don’t care about a price tag. The government usually has to keep its methods as cheap as possible. Granny’s Alliance doesn’t. This allows them to bring high-quality equipment and care to those in need. They even utilize green and clean methods to ensure that the environment isn’t further impacted by the disaster. These clean and green methods benefit the people, too, because they’re bio-friendly and help reduce illness.

Who You Call After a Disaster Matters
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