Why Drug Testing Matters for All Business Owners

Whether you are a car mechanic with your own workshop or you’re an office manager for a local branch of a major corporation, it could be vital to the success of your business to include random drug testing as part of your employees’ expectations. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, most of the Americans using drugs have jobs. Additionally, a large percentage of workplace accidents and employee theft happen because of drug abuse.

Why Drug Testing Matters for All Business Owners

Benefits of Random Drug Screening

If these facts aren’t enough to convince you of the value of drug screening Houstonemployees, consider some of the following benefits.

  • When your employees are drug-free, your business faces decreased employee healthcare costs.
  • Improved health leads to better employee morale and increased performance.
  • Employers with regular drug screenings in place report a decrease in days off, accidents, wasted time, and workplace theft.
  • Naturally, a drug-free workplace maintains compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

It’s easy to believe that drug use doesn’t affect the workplace if you can’t see evidence of it. Based on the reports of businesses with drug testing policies in place, however, the facts show that drug use outside of work hours does affect workplace productivity.

Employee Preferences

Some business leaders are concerned about the privacy and comfort of their employees, but one Gallup survey showed that workers in jobs with safety concerns were in favor of drug testing. The same survey showed that factory workers, healthcare workers, and factory workers overwhelming supported drug screening policies in their workplaces.

The Risks of Not Testing

Employers and employees recognize common performance problems when coworkers use illegal drugs. These include difficulties following instructions, numerous mistakes, variations in work quality, missed deadlines, a lack of concentration, and overall bad judgment. Some employers have noticed decreased productivity and an increased need for close supervision because of general carelessness.

Introducing a policy of random drug testing in your workplace can have many benefits for your company and for your employees. As you consider the safety and satisfaction of employees and clients, the value of these policies become increasingly clear.

Why Drug Testing Matters for All Business Owners
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