Why Is Restaurant Ice Clear and Ice at Home Cloudy?

It is strange how the ice cubes floating in your restaurant drink can differ so much in clarity from the ice cubes made by your refrigerator ice maker. Both make the drink cold, but there is something about clear ice that makes it seem better, somehow.

Why Is Restaurant Ice Clear and Ice at Home Cloudy

Cloudiness Does Not Diminish Quality

The water that your icemaker uses is the same as what you drink out of the tap, although it has undergone a little more filtering. Not having clear ice is no real indication that it is unsafe or of low quality. Discoloration and odor along with an unusual cloudy appearance of the water itself is cause for alarm.

What makes ice cloudy?

Living in an area that has a higher concentration of minerals in the water naturally can be part of the reason your ice takes on a cloudy appearance. The main culprit is tiny air bubbles that get trapped in the center of the ice as it freezes. If you look close, you will see these bubbles. The innermost portions of the ice cube freeze last and these bubbles get pushed towards the center as freezing takes place.

Water Movement and Ice Clarity

Commercial ice making machines use motion to remove much of the air that is in the water. Removing the air is what produces the nearly crystal clear ice cube. A standard refrigerator ice maker does not have this ability.

Changing Water Filters

Keeping the water filter changed in your refrigerator will help eliminate nearly all of the mineral deposits that add to the cloudiness of ice. You will hardly ever get completely clear ice cubes, but you can find a happy medium and have chunks that are partially clear.

Create Your Own Clear Ice Cubes

You can remove air in the water by merely bringing a pan of water to a boil. Allow it to vigorously boil for a minute and shut off the heat source. Allow it cool enough to pour the water into ice cube trays. Place the trays in the freezer and check on them in a few hours time. You should be able to empty the trays and display ice cubes that are as clear as glass.

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Why Is Restaurant Ice Clear and Ice at Home Cloudy?
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