Why Property Surveys are Important

Property surveys are done for residential as well as commercial property. They are important for several reasons such as knowing the boundaries of your property. When there is a dispute over where one property ends and another begins, a survey will clearly define the boundaries. Here are a few of the other reasons surveys are done for different types of property.

Why Property Surveys are Important

Surveys for Commercial Property

Surveys for commercial properties show buildings, access roads, and right of ways. They also show any restrictions on the use of the property and zoning. Grids are often used to show the type of zoning. This allows business owners to know exactly where their property is located within the grid. If you are looking for land surveyors in my area, Braden Land Surveying is an example of a company that provides this service.

Surveys can be used to settle any arguments about what type of business the property can be used for, such as an outdoor theater that would disturb nearby neighbors. The owner of the property would need a survey to determine if the property is zoned for this type of business and if there is enough room for the theater. There must be the proper amount of space between the business and neighbors, according to laws governing “nuisance businesses”.

Vacant Property

When vacant property is surveyed, it mainly shows any right of ways and the boundaries of the land. If there are land rights involved that were already in place, they will be shown as well. For example, beaches that are undeveloped will allow for access by people living in the area.

Assessing Taxes

Sometimes, surveys are used as a reference point for assessing taxes. The size of the property, as well as the value, is considered for this purpose. They can give the tax assessor a starting point for deciding what the land is worth.

Surveys help to provide very detailed maps of a property and are used for a variety of purposes. Often, when you purchase a home and land, a business, or just property, there will be a survey done. This is the best way of knowing the boundaries.

Why Property Surveys are Important
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