Why Spray Foam Is Best For Your Home

One of the most frequently asked questions that home insulation experts are asked is why a homeowner should use spray foam solutions instead of the traditional sheet insulation. With that in mind, and to answer as many people at once, here are some brief reasons as to why spray foam is the best method for insulating your home.

Why Spray Foam Is Best For Your Home

When spray foam is installed by a licensed and experienced company, the entire home or building undergoes an instant increase in the efficiency of energy it uses. For those with central air conditioning, the entire HVAC system will operate far more efficiently once all of those cracks and crevices are filled. The cycling of heating and cooling periods balance each other out more so that there are not as many discrepancies in the temperature zones. Experts also state the amount of money paid out in energy bills is also greatly reduced. These are all concrete measurable effects which cannot be denied.

Professional insulation installers state that they much prefer the product because it delivers several different benefits in one single application. It can be easily installed in places where it may be tough to place traditional and old-fashioned sheet insulation. One benefit that often goes overlooked is the fact that spray foam insulation actually adds to the strength of the entire structure of the home. So not only is the homeowner saving on energy costs and being environmentally-responsible but they are increasing the structural strength of the home at the same time.

As you can see, there is really no reason to NOT use a spray foam solutions over the old method of lacing sheets of pink insulation everywhere. Spray foam rarely needs to be replaced and is far more moisture-resistant than its counterpart, which can easily become soggy if moisture or humidity get to it.

Why Spray Foam Is Best For Your Home
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