Your Aluminum, Cardboard and Plastic Recycling Solution

The drive to protect the environment has many businesses finding ways to recycle. Balers are the perfect solution to increase space and keep recyclables in an organized area. The ability to purchase new or used makes this an item that is affordable for most medium to small size businesses.

Your Aluminum, Cardboard and Plastic Recycling Solution

Common Recycled Goods

The most common recycled goods are aluminum, cardboard and plastic. Balers provide a way to save these reclaimable materials from going to the landfills. You can bale several kilograms at one time, leaving a bundle of recyclables that is easy to handle by any reclamation service you use.

Keep Areas Neat and Tidy

A baler will give you the ability to keep a designated area for recyclables that is neat and orderly. Long gone are the days of stacking cardboard boxes and bagging aluminum cans. All items can go to one central area and be dealt with efficiently in a few minutes time. As soon as the baler is full, you can switch it “on” and it will create a compact bundle of recyclables that is easy to set aside for pick-up day.

Compact Vertical Baler Units

A vertically designed baler allows for more floor space, which is great if your business is operating with limited area. You can designate a corner, or even have the unit set up out on a back patio area. Technological advancements make balers quieter than ever before. They are tough enough to do the job right and not irritate an office, or areas meant for breaks and relaxing.

New and Refurbished Balers

You can still take advantage of the convenience of a baler if your business budget is tight. It would be great to have a brand new unit, but there are also refurbished models as good as new that are at a fraction of new pricing. All used units have been thoroughly inspected to meet excellent operational standards. All you are trading is the price. You will get the same top-quality.

Contact baler experts like the ones at and see the available selection today. You are sure to find a unit that fits your budget and needs from the quality choices of Miltek products.

Your Aluminum, Cardboard and Plastic Recycling Solution
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